AMOTA Updates to the Digital Age

The digital landscape around us has changed dramatically, with our firms objective of providing a single digital touchpoint to ensure our community can stay up to date with the Australian Master of the Amateurs, regardless where you are located. This is why the Australian Master of the Amateurs team is excited to announce the launch of our new website, which provides a digital platform to stay up to date about the Championship with a single push of a button. 

The redesign involved working with our community and external companies to ensure we can provide a digital platform that is focused on our community needs without a complicated process. This includes allowing our community to view Championship Live Stream, Championship Scoring Data and Championship History with a single click of a button.

Our aim is to ensure our community members can watch and engage with the Australian Master of the Amateurs in a digital world, especially with the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19, which has changed how we engage and view golfing content around the world.

The Australian Master of the Amateurs will continue to further evolve and refine our services to our community to ensure we can provide the optimal Men’s and Women’s golfing Championships which empowers amateur golfers to achieve their dream.

Geoffrey Mann – Digital Associate