Terms and Conditions

2021 Men’s & Women’s Australian Master of the Amateurs Championship Terms and Conditions

The 2021 Men’s & Women’s Australian Master of the Amateurs Championships Term and Conditions will be released in October 2021. A link will be provided once the Terms & Conditions are released. All players are asked to carefully read these Terms & Conditions.

Please note the following message:


The R&A and USGA have announced a large number of changes to the Rules of Golf which will came into effect 1 January 2019.  For additional information please visit www.usga.org/rules-hub.html or www.randa.org Rules Modernisation.

It is the players responsibility to be aware of the New Rules of Golf.


Please Ready golf is encouraged, when it is safe and responsible to do so, throughout the Tournament to improve pace of play. Ready golf enables competitors to play when ready, and it is safe to do so, rather than strictly adhere to “farthest from the hole plays first” requirement.

Time to complete 18 holes is 4 hours 27 minutes. Groups are to maintain their position in the field behind the group in front. Out of position is defined as being more than the starting interval behind the group in front. In the absence of mitigating circumstances, a group is liable to be timed if it is in excess of the time allowed and in the case of subsequent groups, out of position. Penalties will apply for slow play.